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  Dave Morgan Ex 104 Sig Sqn 69/70 Vietnam has never said “no” to himself. From a tour of duty in Vietnam as a Radio Operator, Dave joined the Weather Bureau and worked his way up the chain of command. Employed with the Bureau of Meteorology as an Observer for 30 years he felt he was well qualified for an opportunity to be part of a very special team. Just like the Army, Dave trained hard. But harder than you or I could imagine, because at 54, Dave was training to become one of the “Weather men” on an Antarctic Expedition.

An adventure of a lifetime, an experience outweighing the fire of Vietnam, an experience of tranquility in a freezing continent.

After Dave spent the summer at Macquarie Island and Giles Met Office from February to September 1998 he applied to go back for a winter, knowing full well that both are very isolated environments. Isolated is not really the word that describes the cold, rugged frozen land with incredible scenery, wildlife and plants.

We asked Dave a few questions and he said he was based at Macquarie Island, one of four Australian Antarctic Research Bases. My job was to sound the upper atmosphere for climate data. I also checked out the ozone hole, pumped clean air into cylinders for different universities around the world and checked the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere. An interesting job it was and I was quite surprised when filtering air for pollution to see the amount of impurities. Life at Macquarie had me well trained in domestic science too. I spent some time in the kitchen, on hygiene duties, and mowing the lawn.
I was involved in other scientific programs too, like the fur seal program, expeditions to other islands and boating duties.
Macquarie Island is a geologist’s playground with unusual rocks and rock formations. It is an exposed crest from an undersea ridge caused by the Pacific Plate that meets the Indo Australian Plate. It is not uncommon to experience earthquakes during your stay on Macquarie. One while I was there measured 5.4 on the Richter Scale.
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This web site MORG40 got its name by putting MORG Daves Vietnam name together with 40 below in temperature

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