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Home - Davis - Macquarie Island - ANAZC DAY
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On the 1st March I had a phonecall from Daves wife who said that

"On Daves arrival at Casey he had a fall on the ice and the 3 Doctors associated with the expedition decided that he should return to Australia and not continue his time at Casey. From reports Dave is OK, wearing a neck brace, but suffering headaches and will need medical attention on his arrival in Australia."

Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2004 4:50 PM
Subject: Near Casey

Hi Nick.
Been on the Aurora now 1 week. Not the best of trips this one, very rough conditions, especially last Friday night, we experienced 60knots winds.
Today after lunch, we sighted our first icebergs, so we are now getting close to the ice pack. We will probably be in the ice pack sometime this evening.
We expect to be at Casey sometime Thursday.
I believe you are all suffering in heat wave conditions. I wish I could send some cold Antarctica air up your way.

Take care. MORG

Friday, November 21, 2003 12:02 AM
Subject: Antarctica calling

Hi Nick,
Leaving in 12 hours, I am madly packing.
Very sad leaving Davis, with great memories, but
life must move on.
We are leaving a day early, as the Captain of Aurora
Australis is worried about pack ice moving in.
The trip to Fremantle will take 14 days via the
Chinese base Zhong Shan.
See you soon.......Dave Morg

Monday, November 17, 2003
Subject: Antarctica calling

The Aurora Australis breaking through the sea ice about 2km off Davis.
The AA arrived Sunday 2.00pm.

Cheers Dave MORG

Friday, November 14, 2003
Subject: Antarctica calling

Hi Nick.
The Aurora Australis is due in at Davis this Sunday. It was originally due in tomorrow Saturday, but slowed, due to some bad weather with seas and swells 8 to 10 metres. We are expected to leave Davis in one weeks time after the resupply and change over. I am driving a Mack truck in the mornings starting at 7.00am and finishing at 1.30pm, then off to the Met office until 10.00pm.
The change over with the new crew is always hectic. I will send some pictures of the Aurora Australis when it arrives. Please find attach photos of Twin Otto.
Cheers mate.........Dave MORG

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Hi Nick,
I am on the countdown mate. A month to go before we leave Davis.
It will be a sad occasion, but still looking forward getting home to see my family and friends aga in.

Last few days, light snow falling, but the temperatures seem to be warming up, about -10.0 deg C mark.
A couple of piccies attach. 1st piccie, myself and this enormous jade berg, awesome green in colour. I sent you a photo previously of the same jade berg, but from a distance.

2nd piccie, of me, what I like doing most, taking photos or film.
Cheers mate.........Dave MORG

Wednesday, 8 October 2003
Hi Nick, couple of piccies 1st Jade Berg, 2nd piccie Snoopy berg.
Just Check out the Davis diary, for September seems a mistake on the 1st.
It should read:-

On 1st, Davis wins the Antarctica AFL tipping contest. The Antarctica scoreboard, Davis 124, Casey 122 and Mawson 112. Gil wins the Davis AFL tipping contest from Dave P, and Richard.

If you cant fix, don't worry about it.
Thanks for the Cockscomb Chronicle Oct 03. Interesting to see you have had good rain, keep it going mate, as I want to see the country all green, when I return.
Cheers......Dave MORG

Monday, 6 October 2003
Hi Nick, Busy, busy busy. Just got back from a 6 day trip to the Rauers Island group at the weekend. I am told the Aurora Australis will be here in six weeks time, for the change over for the new crew. Preparations are just about to
commence for the change over. I have updated my diary, as you can see by September/October entries, it has been busy. I will send some piccies later on today also.
Thanks for your good work.
Cheers mate........Dave MORG

Aurora Australis
Aurora Australis

Twin Otta from Canada for the summer
Twin Otta arrives

Sorsdal Glacier

Dave and the Jade Berg close up


Friday, September 19, 2003
Hi Nick, Today, heavy overcast, temperature -7.0degC.
The last three days sunny and clear with temperatures
-12.0degsC. I am heading out onto the sea ice tomorrow
to try to see some Leopard seals and Adelie penquins.
We will be staying at Magnetic Island on Saturday night.
Attach photo of Weddel seal in hole, plus me with
communication equipment.
Cheers MORG

Monday 15th September 2003
Hi Nick, I hope you have plenty of room for these attach photos mate.
I have plenty of them. For starters, here's a couple of large icebergs photos taken last summer, plus I'm the bloke up front of the zodiac boat picture. All taken last summer.
Today, a lot warmer -13.5degC with high level cloud.
Yes, go ahead with my email address. cheers........Dave MORG

Weddell Seal

  Sent: Friday, September 12, 2003
Hi Nick
Great job mate, a great web page, it is a credit to you.
I will send you some attached photographs, and probably you can put them on the web page. I have some great photos.
I may even do my Expedition diary up for Macquarie Is, as I did with Davis.
Today, horrible day, visibility down to couple hundred metres with blowing snow, winds 35 knots, was up to 66 knots early this morning. Hope you having a great day
You can send this web page to the blokes that I know from the Rocky Drop In centre, Phil, Jim, Nev, and
Cheers mate. Will be in touch.......Dave MORG
PS. Couple of attach photos of the nearby Sorsdal Glacier.