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Anzac Day 2003 in Antarctica at Davis Base
I am the only returned serviceman (served in Vietnam 1969, with 104 Signal Sqn), at Davis Base in Antarctica this Anzac day.

The day started with a 15 Minutes dawn service, at 10.00am (Dawn at Davis time), with the weather not the best, with low cloud, steady falling snow, temperature about minus 20degsC, with light winds.

All 24 expeditioners serving at Davis this winter attended.
The Flag was lowered to half mast.
Jeremy, our station leader gave a introduction and brief address on Anzac.
I read out the "Ode for the Fallen".
The last post was played by Tony, followed by a one minute silence.
We all then adjourned to inside the mess, for morning tea, drinks, and play two up, a great Anzac tradition.
The chef Gerbil cooked up some good old Anzac biscuits.

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