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Tuesday, February 24, 2004 4:50 PM
Subject: Near Casey

Hi Nick.
Been on the Aurora now 1 week. Not the best of trips this one, very rough conditions, especially last Friday night, we experienced 60knots winds.
Today after lunch, we sighted our first icebergs, so we are now getting close to the ice pack. We will probably be in the ice pack sometime this evening.
We expect to be at Casey sometime Thursday.
I believe you are all suffering in heat wave conditions. I wish I could send some cold Antarctica air up your way.

Take care. MORG Daves Diary Continued

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Casey Base

On the 1st March I had a phonecall from Daves wife who said that

"On Daves arrival at Casey he had a fall on the ice and the 3 Doctors associated with the expedition decided that he should return to Australia and not continue his time at Casey. From reports Dave is OK, wearing a neck brace, but suffering headaches and will need medical attention on his arrival in Australia."

Dave being attended to by a Doctor on board the Medivac Chopper

Dave with neck brace celebrating his birthday on the 4th March 2004
Dave visited me on the Friday 30 April. He's looking good, except for a stiff and uncomfortable neck. Still having headaches and medical attention. But Dave dropped in his Medivac photos to add to this page. Along with other photos of the resupply and unloading of gear from the mother ship.