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From: Dave Morgan []
Sent: Wednesday, 8 October 2003 2:58 PM
To: Joyce
Subject: Re: Antarctica

Hello Joyce, Thanks for your email. When you are in Tassie, go and visit the Antarctica Division headquarters in Kingston, a outer suburb of Hobart, they have a museum there on Antarctica. Tassie is a great place, plenty of places to
visit and see.
Nick has put together a web page on me. He has done a great job. Great to hear Rocky had some rain of late. Our weather today, heavy overcast sky, with temperature -16.0C. Cheers........Dave MORG

At 07:25 AM +1000, you wrote:
Hi Dave, I'm Nick Quigley's neighbour and he was telling me about your expedition to the Antarctic as we travelled down to visit the Vet's retreat. I admire your spirit of adventure and willingness to go where most others wouldn't. I can't imagine what the cold is like. Fred and I are heading for Tassie next month and that will be enough cold for me.
Keep up the good work
Regards Joy


G'day, Dave! Well, well, well! My first E-mail from the Antarctica!
Thank you for your very descriptive and interesting post. I got a
chuckle about you "mowing the lawn" from the Web Site. I didn't know/think they had lawns there! :) Or, is that "tongue in cheek?" Or do you get bored and mow the snow? Hahahhahahahahha!

Sorry to hear about the lost comrades from previous expeditions, Precious. It's wonderful to hear that they are remembered and honored with the crosses. Please be careful, and take good care of yourself!

I'm sharing your inspiring words with some Veteran E-Lists. We're grateful for your service and proud of you, also! When you next visit the States, please consider a stop here in Texas. :)

Thank you for your gracious comments; and E-mail anything, anytime! We care and listen, and we're just your keyboard away. God Bless and Keep


Dave Morgan wrote:

G'day Deanna, You sound a wonderful lady. Thanks for your email, and interest in my story.

It has been a long journey from the battle fields and fire of Vietnam to the place with astonishing beauty and chilling silence, freezer of Antarctica.

The last few days, not much breeze, but a lot of snow. The sun is out at the moment, with some high cloud.

I'm typing this email, from my bedroom, looking out of my window, it is all white. Looking out over the sea ice, I can see large icebergs in the distant, and Anchorage Island. On top of Anchorage Island are two large crosses, for two of our lost comrades, that lost their lives on past expeditions here at Davis.

After all these years, I am still serving my country, and proud to be > a Aussie.

I have visited your great country on four occasions.

Thank you Deanna, keep emailing me, and keep up with your good work.



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